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The study of music will influence and enhance a student’s entire life. Dr Schumann strives to inspire all students to enrich their lives with joy, integrity, and self-confidence through their involvement with music study at the piano, regardless of their age or skill level. Applied work at the piano enhances problem-solving skills, memory, and organized study strategies that positively influence academic and life-long achievement.

Lessons include music theory, historical perspectives, ear-training, and technique to develop facility. Regular recital and performance opportunities will provide short-term goals, a sense of community, and new experiences. Positive performance opportunities heighten self-esteem and fortify concentration in all public presentations.

In music education, it is essential to establish students’ individual goals and tailor instruction to meet those goals. Dr Schumann adheres to the philosophy that educators need to meet students where they are and lead them to where their goals lie. For students who need extra strengthening in skills essential to their music, this means creating and implementing a plan to conquer their deficiencies. For students with performance opportunities around the corner, this may mean extra lessons. For students with disabilities, this means crafting goals, settings, and accommodations specific to them.

Above all, it is a privilege to guide students as they begin to recognize the depth of this amazing art form. Music is a universal language of expression that reaches beyond words. All students have the opportunity to experience this connection through the piano, enriching their lives.


The Schumann Piano Studio is located in Baltimore, MD. For more information, please contact schumann.sonya@gmail.com.