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  1. Rhonda Davis

    Hello Sonya,

    I am reaching out to inquire about your availability on June 14th? If you are available my client would like to have you play at an event. He heard you play at the Met club in DC on Feb 4th. Please let me know if this is possible and your rate.


  2. Jennifer Barbour

    Hello Dr. Schumann,

    I am interested in pursuing my interest of teaching piano in the Maryland area. I presently teach private piano out of my house.

    Please feel free to contact me . Sincerely yours,
    Jennifer Barbour

  3. Paolo Campanini

    Dear Mrs. Sonya
    Dear Mrs. Elizabeth

    I’m Paolo Campanini from Torino ( Italy )
    and I’m the artistic director of the chamber music festival


    that takes place in Torino .

    My festival ( born yrs ago mainly for concerts with two pianos ) is lately focused in
    performing piano concertos in chamber version with orchestral part arranged for string quartet/quintet.

    I’m writing to you because, if in case you are interested ,
    since I have had the chance to discover you as piano duo inside youtube ,
    my piano festival would be pleased to share and promote to a piano duo like you ,
    very rare scores that belongs to 2 pianos concertos arranged in chamber version.

    They are :

    MOZART 2 Pianos concerto K 365
    for 2 pianos and STRING QUINTET ( 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Cbass )


    POULENC 2 Pianos concerto in d minor
    for 2 pianos and STRING QUINTET ( 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Cbass )


    BACH concerto for 2 violins and orchestra
    for 2 pianos and STRING QUINTET ( 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Cbass )

    and others like these …… ( like Vivaldi , Bach )

    And, since you are also soloists , we have done also the following arrangements
    for piano solo and string quartet / quintet

    Piano concerto op.54 arranged
    for piano and STRING QUARTET ( 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello )


    piano concerto n.2 op.18
    arranged for piano and STRING QUINTET ( 2 violins, , 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Cbass )


    MOZART piano concerto K 466
    arranged for piano and STRING QUINTET ( 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Cbass )

    and others

    These arrangements have been done by composers that collaborate with my cultural association
    and some arranged by me .

    In fact the intention of my Musical Association is to promote this kind of repertoire with the existing arrangements but also to enlarge it adding new arrangements with pieces choosen among the most known piano concertos.

    Actually we have arranged also

    – BRAHMS piano concertos n.1 and 2
    – LISZT piano concerto n.2

    and we also have available the scores of the chamber version of all 6 Beethoven’s piano concertos
    and also Triple concerto op.56
    almost all Mozart’s piano concertos, Mendelssohn n.2, Shostakovich and others
    and now are arranging Tchajkovksky n.1 and 2, Scriabin piano concerto, Saint Saens n.1/ 2 and 4,
    Grieg piano concerto op.16 , Dvorak piano concerto op.33 and others.

    ALL with piano solo part untouched and orchestral part arranged with string ensemble

    As examples … you may watch the videos of our arrangements of

    Schumann piano concerto with string quartet



    my arrangement of Brahms piano concerto n.1


    I think we are living a new golden era for this kind of domestic concerts like we were again in the 18th or 19th centuries and I think this will become a very important part in the repertoire of future of musical programms. These kind of scores allow pianists and musicians to play also in small concert halls or in private houses the most known repertoire of romantic piano concertos

    These chamber arrangements can give to pianists more and more opportunities to play because you don’t need the full orchestra but only a string quartet / quintet you don’t need a big concert hall but a small one is more than enough and you could even play it in private houses so it’s quite easier to organize.

    Of course these arrangements can be performed also by a larger strings ensemble

    My piano festival shares and promotes all these new scores

    – only with a few number of selected musicians

    – only by email in PDF format

    and ABSOLUTELY for free.

    So, if in case you think to be interested to have one or more among these arrangements please just simply let me know which one or ones and I’ll send you the scores with so much pleasure
    ( absolutely for free , according our cultural association ‘s artistic choice and
    tradition in sharing the scores we arrange )

    In conclusion, thank you for your attention and hoping to receive a message from you ,
    my best greetings from Italy

    Paolo Campanini

  4. Ndoumbe Kuoh

    Hello Ms. Schumann,
    I wanted to ask you about the piano lessons you offer. Is there a minimum age? I would like to have my 4 year old son start taking lessons. He loves music and has a pretty good ear. He enjoys our modest jam sessions around the piano at home, so i’d like to have him take formal lessons before he picks up any bad habits. What are your rates? Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Kind regards,
    Ndoumbe Kuoh

  5. Jay Carpenter

    Hi, my daughter Fiona Carpenter really enjoyed working with you at Levine Camp last session. Fiona would like to take piano lessons. We were wondering if you accept new students and teach at Levine year round. Baltimore would be too far away for us, but we are very near the Silver Spring Library location, and Strathmore could work as well.

    Many thanks,

    Jay Carpenter

    1. sonya Post author

      Hi Jay!

      My apologies for the late reply! My husband and I moved to California immediately at the end of Camp Levine, and I have been remiss in updating my website as we have been situating.
      I remember Fiona – she is such a great kid. She took to the piano class so quickly, I would absolutely have accepted her into my studio at Levine. I hope that Levine was able to get you set up with a great teacher for her.
      If your family ever happens to move out to Southern California, give me a call. I’d be so happy to work with Fiona again. In any case, I wish you all a great musical journey with Fiona!


  6. Margaretha Maimone

    Dear Elizabeth and Sonya Schumann; this note is an invitation to perform in Ridotto. The Ridotto Concert Series in Huntington, Long Island, NY is now in its 26th year. Our concerts are known for imaginative and colorful touches of theater. Of the 8 chamber music concerts each Season, five are theatrical, others stand out for original programming and always brilliant performances. I would like to invite you to perform piano 4-hands on Sunday, January 21 at 4 pm. The quatre mains repertoire that you play is fantastic, the Poulenc, Bizet, Schumann Quintet, Brahms and more. I hope so very much that you are available and that you write me back. Can’t wait to hear from you. Thank you!


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